HeeHaws President

Hello there! My name is Carina, and I have always had a passion for animals. From a very young age, I felt a deep and profound need to help them in any way that I could. My journey as an animal rescuer began many years ago when I found a bedraggled and soggy kitten on the side of the road in London. Since that day, I have been dedicated to nursing hundreds of sick and injured animals back to health, and have provided a loving home for many more.

For years, I had a dream of starting a donkey sanctuary. It was something that had been on my mind for a long time, but it wasn’t until my family and I moved to France in 2004 that it started to become a possibility. However, I continued to focus on rescuing and caring for a variety of animals before I could pursue this dream. During this time, I helped a friend with her two horses, providing them with nursing care until they passed away at the ripe ages of 33 and 37. It was around this time that I took in Rigalo and Picasso, two donkeys who needed a home. I also fostered a very sick donkey named Mambo for a charity that was in need of help. Over the years, I have personally rescued over 70 cats, hand-reared tiny kittens, and helped find loving homes for numerous cats and dogs, 10 of which found their forever home with me and my family.

Donkeys have always held a special place in my heart. I love their beauty, gentle and funny personalities, and affectionate and loving natures. It breaks my heart to see so many neglected and abused donkeys. I cannot stand to see this cruelty happen so often, and I am committed to doing my part to rescue these amazing animals.

In late 2017, my husband, some friends, and I met a donkey we named William who was in a terrible state. This encounter reignited my dream of starting a donkey sanctuary, and I knew that I could no longer ignore it. With the encouragement and support of my family and friends, I founded HeeHaws.

Since that day in February 2018, HeeHaws has been dedicated to helping, caring for, and rescuing donkeys. More donkeys have found their way to our sanctuary, some to be rehabilitated and find loving homes, and some who now have their forever home with us, especially those with challenging health issues. This dream of starting a donkey sanctuary has become a reality, and I am determined to make HeeHaws the best it can be and more.



The Team