Rodney was reported to HeeHaws in May 2018 when someone saw him alone in a field, in a terrible state, in desperate need of help. His field was littered with barbed wire, broken glass, and all kinds of dangers for donkeys. He also had ‘Aladdins slipper’ type hooves. He had often been wrestled to the floor by a gang of men and had the tops of his hooves sawn off. This was not only cruel but very frightening for him. His hooves were very long, but it didn’t stop him from running away from people! Thankfully his owner no longer wanted him and agreed to sign him over to us.

It took a lot of hard work to help him feel safe, as he had been ignored and neglected for a very long while. Eventually, he learned to trust us and we were able to move him to a foster home with Jonathon and Shona. He couldn’t come straight to HeeHaws because he was a stallion and needed gelding. 

Later that year though, he was able to come home to us. We felt that he would be a great companion for William and vice-versa and we were right. They became great friends very quickly. Rodney is very protective of William and won’t allow any other donkey near him, probably born from a solitary life. They also play really roughly!

Rodney is now one of our cuddliest donkeys and is a firm favourite with visitors ❤️

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