We saw an advert by a lady who was going back to the UK and needed a home for her 2 donkeys. We had empty paddocks at this point so we replied, saying that we would happily take them for her if no one else came forward. We never got a reply. Many months later, a friend asked if we would help her catch 60 Muscovy ducks that someone was getting rid of. She had a huge pond so had agreed to take them. They were shut in a barn, all we had to do was catch and box them. What a laugh that was! Eventually, we caught them and loaded them into the car. When we had finished we noticed 2 donkeys in the field, and of course, went over to say hello. 

We asked the lady what she was doing with the donkeys and it was then that we realised it was the same person that advertised. We mentioned that we had replied to her advert. She was worried that the person looking after her house wouldn’t feed or water them (but was leaving anyway), so it was arranged that we would take them.

Picasso was 21 and Rigalo was only 4. Carina was so excited as they were our first-ever donkeys.

When they arrived it became obvious that they had lice as they were very itchy, and they also had worms. When Carina rang to ask when they were last wormed, she was told that the pervious owner wouldn’t know a wormer if it jumped on her lap which was very sad. Rigalo also needed castrating.

After they had settled in, and been de-loused and wormed, the vet came and castrated Rigalo. Picasso died some years later but they had already been joined by Hattie, Douglas, and Wilma.

Rigalo has always been a bit shy, which was probably due to how he had previously been treated. He can still be a little nervous around strangers but is a very affectionate, funny, comical donkey, Rigalo by name and Rigalo by nature ❤️

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