In the blossoming month of April 2023, a delightful little foal captured our hearts. His story began when his loving mother, gave birth to him and then fell terribly ill. Tragically, just a month later, this tiny foal found himself utterly alone in a vast field, his mother miles away seeking treatment, and his older brother rehomed. 

With his mother’s future uncertain due to a liver condition, this poor orphaned soul had been relying on his elderly owner to bottle-feed him. But as time passed, caring for him grew overwhelming. 

We couldn’t stand idly by. Despite being at capacity, we opened our doors. 

He straight away had a comprehensive vet check, including worming, vaccinations, and microchipping. We bottle fed him for another month, and then he did really well eating a small amount of hard feed and, of course, grass and hay.

He is doing really well now. He is a bit cheeky, but then what baby isn’t! He’s had his teeny tiny hooves trimmed a couple of times, and the inevitable op will happen when he’s ready ❤️

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