Lottie, Wilfred, Norman and Hector

Lottie and Wilfred came to HeeHaws with their friends Norman and Hector, in February 2019, having had a very close call with the “meat man”.

They had had a traumatic time and were all fearful in their own way. Wilfred didn’t like anyone to touch his legs and feet. Gareth spent a long time getting to know him and taught him quite quickly that he wasn’t going to be hurt and a few months later his very long distorted hooves were trimmed.

Lottie was very fearful of humans and feed buckets. 
It took her a long time to settle here and during that time her tummy grew and grew, confirming the meatman’s prediction that she was in foal.
Then, very early one chilly morning on 22nd February 2020 she gave birth to a beautiful foal we called Theo. He was the first foal born at HeeHaws in a place where he would be safe and loved. Holly and her foal Willow later joined this little herd. You can read their stories separately. In August 2021 Lottie, Wilfred, and Holly moved to their new home with a special couple, Alison and Paul, who had very kindly decided to take all three. Although still a little nervous, they soon got their hooves under the table and settled down. They are a very happy family indeed.

Norman and Hector were quite thin and not used to being handled. Norman was very comical with ears like radars, hardly ever in an ‘up’ position,  Hector, always very close by was a little more confident. They were only around 18 months old and thankfully not too traumatised. They soon became happy and confident boys. Jane and Darren, a lovely couple, now friends and supporters of HeeHaws, fell in love with Norman and Hector. Later that summer, after the donkeys were both castrated, they went to live with Jane and Daren and have matured into beautiful, gentle cheeky donkeys.

This is the best outcome and we couldn’t be happier that all these donkeys have been adopted by such wonderful people, freeing us up to help more donkeys in need ❤️ 

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