Princesse came to HeeHaws with her sister Duchesse in April 2019 all the way from Normandy!  It was a difficult journey but they made it eventually.

Another donkey sanctuary in the UK called Flicka asked if HeeHaws could take them and save them from a terrible end. Flicka were kind enough to fund the transport. They had been loved up until 2012. After that, it became a little dark, and suffice to say they deteriorated to quite a desperate state. They were emaciated, had lice and worms, and were sad, hungry, and in need of a lot of love and care.

A much-needed visit early on from an Equine Dentist revealed that Princesse was in her late 30s, meaning now she is around 43. She is a gentle but feisty old lady that enjoys her food immensely. Two good meals a day all through the year seems to be keeping her a good weight though because of her sway back and a rather angular bottom she always looks underweight. She and Duchesse are always together and can even be seen playing when the sun is shining and it’s warm ❤️

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