In August 2022 we were called out on many occasions to help catch 3 donkeys wandering the country lanes. It’s amazing they didn’t cause an accident or get hurt. They were shy, scared of people, and just ran off whenever we approached them. The mayors of two communes were involved in trying to safeguard the donkeys but the owner just wasn’t interested and refused to mend his fences. After many failed attempts we caught them and moved them to a place of safety.

Violet’s mum and sister Harley were already with us and we felt that bringing her here would be better for her. She needed to gain weight and if she wasn’t already in foal, staying where she was increased the chances of this. So in November, we brought Violet here. She settled in straight away and so began her feeding regime. It was unclear for some time whether she was in foal or not but in March 23 she suddenly became very poorly. She stopped eating and drinking and got dangerously ill. The tests were all inconclusive but we think she had pneumonia and then hyperlipaemia, a life-threatening condition caused by not eating and brought on by all sorts of things. She had extensive tests which necessitated 9 vet visits. These included 2 ultrasounds. The vet is almost certain she saw the placenta, confirming that she is indeed in foal. It really was touch and go for a week but after a lot of hard work and round-the-clock care, Violet rallied and remarkably and thankfully, pulled through.

She really is a gentle giant and when she was poorly, she became very close to Carina, preferring to be hand fed and totally and deservedly cosseted. We all love her and are looking forward to meeting her baby sometime later this year! ❤️

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