Angel and Cracker

In December 2019 Angel and her foal Cracker, her friend Holly and her foal Caspar were a sorry state indeed. Having been bred for meat, they were booked onto the one-way lorry to Italy along with many others. Thankfully, they were saved from that fate by another sanctuary. They were then spotted by a couple of lovely ladies, Linda and Helga, who asked us if we could help. The place they were in didn’t have enough food and there was no shelter. The mums and their babies were all very hungry and had been standing in torrential rain for weeks.

They all arrived at HeeHaws in January 2020, cold, sore, and hungry. We had got ready a shelter, a cosy straw bed, containers full of hay, and fresh water. Now they could look forward to lots of cuddles, brushing, and 3 meals a day! It took quite a while for their sores to heal. Their legs were covered in dry red clay and bloody scabs and their ears and bodies were full of sores from standing in the rain. We liberally applied Sudocrem regularly, and slowly they healed.

A few months later, Cracker and Caspar were given a paddock to themselves, giving Angel and Holly a well-earned rest!

You can read their updates separately ❤️

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