The aim of Heehaws is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. My principal role is to help with the rehabilitation phase.  It may be that the donkeys have never been handled correctly or taught to lead or pick up their feet for the farrier.  Sadly, some arrive with body issues or have had handling that has traumatised them.  My job is to work with the donkeys and teach them in a way that builds their trust in humans and confidence in themselves so that these routine tasks are easy for them and for us.  I am always looking for ways to improve how they feel about their experience, it’s not just about getting it done.

I am a wonky donkey enthusiast and also an equine behaviourist and bodyworker, trained in Tellington TTouch, sports massage (with Equinology), and thermography.  This gives me a great toolkit for working with rescue donkeys that can be used in dealing with fear, discomfort, or misunderstanding.  

Donkeys are generally cute, curious, and affectionate, not to mention hilarious! They spread joy and they rarely fail to leave me with a big grin on my face. That’s why I come to Heehaws… ❤️

The Team