In 2016 there was a post on Facebook about Dolly and her daddy Dudley, who were desperately seeking a new home. Once owned and very much loved and cared for, their elderly owner had developed dementia and, as a result, had forgotten about feeding them or having their hooves trimmed and they were suffering the consequences. Of course, we had to help! Dolly gained weight fairly quickly and made herself at home almost immediately!

What a darling girl she is. She absolutely loves a cuddle and a brush and is generally involved in everything! Dolly flutters her beautiful eyes to get her way and she will rest her head on your shoulder and snooze given half the chance. She rests her head on Gareth’s back too,  so she can supervise while he trims the others’ hooves.

She now shares her paddock with Perle and Tinkerbelle since her daddy Dudley died in September 2021. They are all great friends.

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