Bluebelle arrived with Beatrice in September 2019. We were told she had been very poorly but vet checks were inconclusive. Like Beatrice she was thin, had lice and worms, and was generally unhappy. We started her on a feeding regime alongside Beatrice but after a week she had colic, then another bout, and another. We decided to organise our own tests and it seemed that she had an intolerance to cereal feed and sugar. We felt this could be regulated with the correct feed and changed the type of feed all the donkeys get. This really has been successful all round.
Bluebelle is in her 30s and is a real character. Often found on her own, she absolutely loves the company of humans. If there is any work being done in the paddocks you can be sure that Bluebelle will be closely supervising and should she feel it necessary she steals equipment! She has even been caught with a cordless drill in her mouth, making her way up the paddock. Darling Bluebelle, is soft, gentle, and utterly adorable ❤️

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