In May 2019 Beatrice arrived here at Heehaws with her friend Bluebelle. She was in a very sorry state. She had lice and was very thin. She also had a skin condition, but with all the HeeHaws care, love, lotions, and potions lavished on her, she soon looked as amazing as her field mates Duchesse and Princesse!  Our lovely, very woolly Beatrice, aged 40 something was quite the character and became a firm favourite with everyone that met her.

She remained a healthy loving, funny member of our donkey family until one bank holiday Saturday in November 2023.

Our poor Beatrice, aged approx 44 years, had got very stiff and went very quiet over a matter of days. We gave her pain relief as we felt it was arthritis due to the constant rain and damp. We called the vet as the poor girl could hardly move and the pain relief just wasn’t working.

It was indeed an extreme arthritis flare up. 

We tried, we tried so hard, 5 vet visits and the best care and meds possible, but it just wasn’t enough for poor Beatrice. Her tired body just didn’t respond to anything and her legs  couldn’t hold her up any longer. It all came on so suddenly but we couldn’t let her suffer.

We said goodbye to our sweet darling Beatrice, a character that will never ever be forgotten ❤️❤️❤️

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