My Name is Jo. I have lived in France for nearly 3 years now with my husband and our daft, bouncy boxer dog called Wilf, 2 donkeys Eric & Ernie, and a rescue pony called Lettie!! I  first became aware of HeeHaws through my estate agent while we were looking for our house. She mentioned Carina and the great work that goes on through the charity. Before leaving the UK, I worked as a registered veterinary nurse for 30 years, mainly in a small animal practice working with dogs, cats,  small furries, birds, and reptiles. My first job was at a mixed practice where I assisted with much of the equine work, helping with colt castrations amongst other things.

My first donkey, Connor, was an ex-Blackpool beach donkey. He was a very special donkey and a wonderful companion to my Lusitania horse. I was heartbroken when I lost my horse to colic. Not long after, Connor became very ill and he had to be put to sleep too. 

Then along came my two cheeky boys, Eric and Ernie! They were only 2 years old, so they had a lot to learn and certainly have kept me busy and entertained over the last few years!

While I am not a regular volunteer at HeeHaws I help out when I can, especially when the vet or farrier is visiting or if Carina needs another pair of hands to administer medication ……..All the fun stuff that the donkeys don’t like!! 

The Team