Florence and Betty

Betty and Florence arrived here with Maggie and Mabel, in June 2021. Headed for the meat wagon they were intercepted thankfully and came here, to a place of love and safety.

Given what they had been through, these young donkeys were very kind and trusting. We always ensure that all the donkeys that leave here for their forever homes, are well-behaved for the vet and farrier, and are used to being groomed and loved. These 2 girls were given all of that love and care, responding really well to it. In November 2022 they went to their forever home with Susan, who has a little herd of rescued Shetland ponies. As is the norm, Susan remarked how cuddly donkeys are! She is very happy and proud to be a donkey owner and Florence and Betty are loving their new home too.

Another perfect HeeHaws ending ❤️

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