Meet Hannah

Heehawwwwwing helloooooooo!
My name is Hannah, let’s get this said now…I am curvy. Curves are good, but perhaps my saddlebags are a little too full. What’s that you say? You want to hear my story? Oh you guys, you’re so lovely.

I went to my first owners when I was a babe of 6 months and stayed there until very recently. I had a charming and dear companion in a horse and we had a good life. We really did. Unfortunately, my owners became poorly so it was with a sad heart that they accepted that they couldn’t care for us any longer.

When a sanctuary came to take us away, I panicked. I couldn’t go. I would not get into the trailer and so I was left, alone, but on the promise that they would come back for me. They did come back for me and tried for a long four hours to get me in the trailer, but I just couldn’t do it.

I was all by myself in a field for a few months, so I comfort ate my way through as much grass as I could. There was a real concern that I would get Laminitis, which would have been terrible as it’s a painful, nasty condition that donkeys/equines can get. To be honest with you, I became depressed. I was all alone, without my great pal and was giving up on pretty much everything.

Howard, my old farrier, contacted HeeHaws with the idea that they could foster me, help me shed some of those extra kilos, give me some lovings to prepare me for a forever home.

When Helen the Super Trainer came with Carina to collect me, she helped me into the trailer within an hour, much to the surprise of everyone around me. What can I say? I’m delightfully unpredictable and like to keep everyone on their toes.

So there I was, at HeeHaws, eating healthy food, shedding some of those kilos, getting cuddles and chatting to Hopy, Carina’s horse, I think I am a horse really but with long ears, I definitely prefer horses to donkeys!

Then one day a lovely couple, Natalie and Lawrence popped in to HeeHaws, when they saw me they fell in love and wanted to take me home. After the usual home checks, HeeHaws said yes, and to make matters even more special, I went with Hopy the horse, win win for me. That was quite some time ago now and Carina asked how we were getting on so heres a little update…

I have asked my favouritest Humum to write a few words for me as it’s very tricky to type or hold a pen with dainty little hooves!!

Well, what can I say and where do I start?  I live in a lovely little paddock next door to some grapevines (I’m still not entirely clear why they are so precious, they look like they taste horrid!!!) overlooking a valley.  I share my field with my best friend, Hopy.  People say he’s a very handsome horse, I must say I agree, we are soulmates!!  We have chickens, ducks and dogs in our family, and we often get next door’s goats in our field whom I like to terrorise and chase … well, it is my paddock after all!

I go for walks with Hopy every week, I only have little legs so we walk slowly and patiently.  Hopy doesn’t like to go out without me, so I always follow on a lead rein! When it’s hot, we get back and my Humum hoses us down whilst we have a bite to eat in the orchard, I really look forward to this! 

My typical day starts at 7am.  As soon as I hear my dad’s voice, I shout very loud to him … my parents say I have the loudest HeeHaw they have ever heard!  He feeds me and I am pleased to say I come first … well, after the cats but before the ducks, chickens and dogs!!! 

I meet lots of people at my home as it is a guest house.  I love fuss, and Nat often scratches my chest which makes me want to nibble her hair!!  I’m very partial to licking hands and have been known to work my way up people’s arms when they taste nice!!! 

I am a very happy donkey and want to thank Carina for her care and love … I met lots of donkeys at Heehaws who had suffered a lot more than me … I hear they are all doing very well and final getting the love and care they deserve.

Thank you Carina and Heehaws, I am so grateful and always look forward to your visits!