Meet Hannah

Hannah went to her first owners, Carole and Ian, when she was a baby of 6 months and stayed there until 2018. She had a charming and dear companion in a horse. They had a good life and were well loved. 

Unfortunately, her owners became poorly so it was with a sad heart that they accepted that they couldn’t care for them any longer. When another sanctuary came to take them away Hannah panicked. She would not get into the trailer and so was left, alone, but on the promise that they would come back for her. They did come back and tried for a long four hours, but failed again to get her in the trailer.

Her then farrier Howard contacted HeeHaws to ask if we could help as she was  depressed and was giving up on pretty much everything. We agreed to take her and with the right handling and patience she went on the trailer and  came to us in June 2018. While at HeeHaws,  she used to chat to Hopy, Carina’s horse, across the fence. She preferred spending time with him than with other donkeys, definitely preferring horses to donkeys! Then one day a lovely couple, Natalie and Lawrence popped in to HeeHaws. When they saw her they fell in love and wanted to take her home. After the usual rigorous home checks, HeeHaws said yes, and to make matters even more special, she went with Hopy the horse.

That was nearly 5 years ago now. We still visit occasionally and its lovely to see Hannah happy and settled….