DUDLEY 1990 – 2021

Dudley and Dolly, a father and daughter, came here in October 2016,  before HeeHaws evolved. Aged 26 and 6, their elderly owner had Alzheimer’s and could no longer look after them.

Dudley arrived with terrible issues with his hooves. They had been very very long and he obviously had bad memories of them being trimmed. With a lot of TLC from our fabulous farrier Gareth, Dudley was no longer afraid. He became a very kind and gentle boy. He loved his ginger biscuits, apples, carrots, and lots of cuddles. Sadly, one night in September 2021 Dudley took himself down to the far corner of his field and passed away. Dolly, his devoted daughter virtually clung to Carina and the volunteers for the first couple of hours after he was found but over time, she learned to manage without her daddy. 

We will never forget darling Dudley and his stunning waterfall ears  ❤️


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