Fern & Woody

Fern and Woody were 2 gorgeous young donkeys that were abandoned in a forest, just left there to fend for themselves. They were afraid of people and especially the farrier. They had  issues around having their feet trimmed, but we and the farrier  worked very hard to teach them that it can be a kind and easy experience.

They were firm favourites of the volunteers and visitors. They just loved their groom and cuddle and adored children too. Fern would literally lay her head in your arms for a snuggle❤️

In October 2023 we found the most fabulous home for them. Well, actually, the perfect family found them! Laurent and Nathalie contacted us because they wanted a companion for their lovely newly acquired donkey Caramel. Once they came and met Fern and Woody, who (let’s face it) are irresistible, they fell in love ❤️. So we organised a home check. Caramel is a similar size and age to both Fern and Woody and cuddles just like Fern too! We transported them within the week and within 2 weeks of living side by side they were all put in together. We’ve since been back a few times and all 3 are calm and living happily together. We are so happy that these 2 very special babies, who were dumped in a forest, now have a very special home of their own. 

They now have new names to match their lovely new friend Caramel. Good luck, Praline and Chocolat, we all miss you 😘❤️

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