Theo and Willow

Theo & Willow were both born here at HeeHaws. The fate that had been awaiting their mums, Lottie and Holly, doesn’t bear thinking about. When they arrived here, already in foal, they were very nervous around people. It took quite some time to help them learn to trust but thankfully we worked our magic and they improved hugely before their foals were born. Of course, their babies had no fear as they were born at HeeHaws!

Willow was a cheeky little rascal from the age of 6 weeks. Theo was very laid back and kind.

They were weaned from their mums and then in October 2021, were adopted by Kevin and Lorraine. They already had a couple of older donkeys that weren’t quite up for the lovely long walks that Lorraine and Kevin liked to go on. Both Theo and Willow have fitted in perfectly and now also enjoy the lovely long walks in the rambling countryside. We are so happy for them! ❤️

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