It was at a Farmer’s Market one chilly and rainy day in October 2017 when Carina, her husband Dave, and their friends Angie and Bill saw William. He was tied up with a horribly short rope and left in the rain. The shock they experienced was palpable and many tears were shed at his neglected state. He obviously wasn’t cared for in any way. He was so skinny you could count his ribs and he had scabby ears and legs. The friends didn’t need much persuading from each other to rescue him!

With the wonderful help and support from amazing family and friends, he came to his forever home… and was the final burst of inspiration Carina needed to set up HeeHaws – for the Love of Donkeys.

He was only about 18 months old and had obviously never known love and kindness. He was immediately given access to grass, and hay and given hard feed. His scabby ears and legs were treated. He was wormed, brushed, and his long hooves were trimmed. As soon as he gained enough weight he was castrated.

Later that year we introduced him to Rodney and they bonded immediately. They are now the best of friends. William is actually really sociable with other donkeys but Rodney wants his friend all to himself  ❤️ 

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