Maggie & Mabel

Darling Maggie and little Mabel arrived at HeeHaws with Betty and Florence in June 2021. Headed for the meat wagon they were intercepted thankfully and came here, to a place of love and safety.

Mabel was only 5 when she arrived at HeeHaws, she was such a quiet, sweet soul. It turns out that with a bit of love, good food and freedom, she is actually very playful and mischievous.

Maggie, born in 2015, like Mabel, has quite unusual markings (we are not sure if they are related), which include 2 beautiful heart shapes on her left side. Maggie is very quiet and has a very sad and soulful look, she’s also very strong-willed and will stand and lean on you when she wants a scratch and groom. 

They now have moved to their very special forever home with our very own Sandra and her husband Kevin, 2 dogs, 6 cats, 2 rabbits and 5 chickens. What a fabulous success story. The girls are so happy and loved very much. Perfect  ❤️ 

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