Our teeny tiny Tinkerbelle arrived here in June 2022, aged around 12. She had been bred but the breeder had got rid of her to a ruthless dealer who just didn’t care. She was underweight and had overgrown hooves. We were told she had been put in a cattle crush to have her feet trimmed, which must have been terrifying for her. We have found her to be a gentle soul and most surprisingly she loves Gareth, our farrier!

Dolly and Perle took her under their hooves and she has became a teeny part of their herd, measuring just 94cm in height. She really is teeny, but has a VERY big HeeHaw, in fact one of the loudest at the sanctuary! ❤️

Tinkerbelle isn’t without health problems. she has been getting treatment for a cloudy eye and recurring eye ulcer. She’s had lots of tests but we are yet to get to the bottom of it. We are sure that Melanie will find out what the problem is and we can then treat it accordingly.

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