Perle was born in 2009. She and her mum were owned and neglected by a breeder who passed them on to a lovely couple in 2020. Perle’s mum got quite sick in November 2021 and died 2 weeks later. Her owners had noticed that Perle had a lameness problem but even worse, got really depressed and took to laying down far too much. She was quite nervous too, having always lived in the shadow of her mum. So they contacted us and asked if we could help by taking Perle on. Our Dolly had not long lost her dad Dudley, and wasn’t really bonding with Rigalo and Angel, so we felt they would be well suited and said yes. Perle arrived here in bit of a sad state. As well as grieving, her feet were infected as a result of poor farrier treatment and a thorough vet check confirmed she had a luxating patella, something she was probably born with. She was quite afraid of us to start with but it didn’t take long for her to gain trust. After a couple of weeks we introduced her to Dolly and they became such good friends very quickly. We are trying to build up the muscles in Perles leg to help with the luxation, which, actually, doesn’t seem to bother her. Perle is a beautiful donkey, kind and very friendly and is always quick to come for cuddles and a groom ❤️

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