The Team


HeeHaws Vet We’ve been very fortunate at HeeHaws to have such knowledgeable, sympathetic, and kind vets. Quite recently Melanie was taken on as the dedicated equine vet for her practice and she is no exception. The donkeys love her and she has a true understanding of them which is quite unique to find. We are […]

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Last year I came to Heehaws with a friend, to meet Carina and the wonderful donkeys. Twelve months later, I’m still here! It’s great to be a small part of the Heehaws family, and to see the dedication and hard work by Carina and all the volunteers who rescue and love these beautiful creatures back

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We left the UK and began our French adventure almost 10 years ago. First, we lived in Fonroque and then moved to Thenac, which is where we are now.  We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  I started volunteering around 2 years ago and loved it from day one!  I count myself very lucky to have

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It’s such a wonderful start to our week coming to Heehaws. We love helping to care for the donkeys on a Monday morning! We appreciate everything that Carina and HeeHaws are striving to achieve. These animals really need all the help they can get and being a  part of the team is extremely rewarding for

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My Name is Jo. I have lived in France for nearly 3 years now with my husband and our daft, bouncy boxer dog called Wilf, 2 donkeys Eric & Ernie, and a rescue pony called Lettie!! I  first became aware of HeeHaws through my estate agent while we were looking for our house. She mentioned

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The aim of Heehaws is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. My principal role is to help with the rehabilitation phase.  It may be that the donkeys have never been handled correctly or taught to lead or pick up their feet for the farrier.  Sadly, some arrive with body issues or have had handling that has

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HeeHaws Fundraising Officer As an animal lover who spent a career in London offices, I’ve been so lucky to move to France and discover the wonderful donkeys – and people! – at Heehaws and become part of this very special family. In the relatively short time I’ve been coming I’ve really enjoyed taking on more

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HeeHaws Treasurer and Sponsorship Secretary I’ve always loved animals, but it was only after moving to France in 2018 and visiting HeeHaws that I fell in love with donkeys. They are amazing, as is the HeeHaws Team, and I feel so lucky to be a part of such a lovely thing. As time has gone

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