Meet Wilma

Hi, I’m Wilma. Now I know it isn’t polite to ask a lady her age, but I am with friends and am proud to tell you that I am in my early 30’s. I can safely say that life does get better the older you get. I am a happy donkey; quiet and content.

My arrival at Carina’s was a stealth operation with my Mama, Hattie and  my Daddy Douglas, in 2009. We escaped from our owners’ field, made our way across orchards and fields, plodded  into one of Carina’s fields and made ourselves at home. We had to do this a many times over a few years before our message was received and we were allowed to stay. HAPPY DAYS!

To be honest with you, I needed the love and care of another good woman and thankfully Carina swept in with her unending love to get me, Hattie and Douglas in tip-top shape. I had a few too many kilos than is healthy and my feet were a mess, so the makeover began. It wasn’t an easy transition, but with the patience of Carina and Gareth, the farrier, we got there and now I am a fabulous and beautiful donkey.

Sadly my daddy, Douglas,  died from old age a couple of years ago and then my Mama, Hattie, made her way over the rainbow bridge. I was sad, but I had such great support from my friends here at HeeHaws. I still miss them, as you would expect, but I get such love and attention it truly makes my heart HeeHaw.

Things I like are:

Being with my friends

Having a healthy diet of delicious food

Rolling in the dust

Being sponsored by supporters of HeeHaws – so if you want to do this, please click on our link sponsor a donkey and fill in the form. It’d make me super happy.  You can also donate using the button below.