Holly & Willow

Holly came to Heehaws in January 2019 with her baby Caspar, and their friends Angel and Cracker. Holly was in a terrible state, suffering from extreme neglect. She was very underweight, full of worms, and had bad rain scald. The vet said they were lucky they were rescued when they were or they would have died! 

Holly was very nervous of people, she would literally freeze if she needed to be caught for any reason but was such a kind girl for everyone including the vet and Gareth our lovely farrier.

After a few months, Caspar and Cracker were separated from their mums and put in a paddock together. They were, and still are the very best of friends. You can read their update separately.

We had realised that sadly, Holly was in foal again, and on the 14th of June 2020 her lovely baby Willow was born.

Holly and Angel were quite estranged when they arrived, so it was decided that Angel, who had respiratory problems, would be the perfect companion for Rigalo. In November, Holly and Willow joined Lottie, Wilfred, and Theo. This gave Holly a rest as Willow had a lot of energy and would have a young playmate in Theo!

Eventually, Willow and Theo were separated from their mums and the two herds found amazing homes. You can read their updates separately ❤️

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