My name is Kym and I am proud to say that I am a part of the amazing HeeHaws family.

The sanctuary is not just for the donkeys, it’s for us too! When you are there, looking out across the fields, listening to the wildlife, you take a breath and realise just how calm and tranquil it is. There seems to be a “magical pull” that draws you in and leaves you wanting more! That’s before you even meet a donkey!

You need NO qualifications to volunteer, just a kind nature and a big heart, ready to love these gentle, sometimes cheeky donkeys.

For me personally, it’s a privilege to be a part of this amazing charity and work alongside a dedicated team of men and women. To go on a “Donkey Journey” is an incredibly rewarding experience. Usually, when a donkey arrives, they have experienced trauma of some kind. To watch Carina and the team, along with vets and farriers work gently, gaining the donkey’s confidence, and watching how slowly, the outpouring of love that is given heals the wounds of their souls and establishes trust, is a beautiful thing. This sounds very simple but takes many months, even years.

This wonderful place has helped me immensely, for which I will always be grateful. ❤️

The Team