Woody arrived here with Fern on the 17th of February 2022. They had been found abandoned in a forest by a couple of young girls. The girls helped the donkeys and found them temporary accommodation. After contacting many other rescue organisations without any success or even replies, they contacted us. The situation was now desperate and we felt we had to help. Within no time at all they arrived here, thin and nervous. 

We think Woody was born in 2018. He’s not as brave as Fern and takes a little longer to try new things and to trust people. 

After he had gained some weight we had him castrated. Thankfully it was in time and Fern wasn’t in foal!

Woody also had issues with the farrier. He was scared and Fern just wanted to fight! But with Danielle’s help and patience, and Gareth’s kindness they are both getting there, slowly but surely.

They will carry on their rehabilitation and hopefully, we will find them their forever home this summer. If you might be interested in giving these 2 beautiful donkeys a home and have all the necessary requirements, we would love to hear from you ❤️

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