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In May 2019 the wonderful Felicity Taylor at Pegasus in Normandy saved 5 donkeys from the meat man. She initially took them in and then Duchesse and Princesse came here. HeeHaws found the 3rd donkey Charlie a fantastic loving home. Bluebelle and Beatrice stayed with Felicity. Bluebelle, as well as being emaciated like the others was really very poorly.  However, Felicity was full to bursting at Pegasus and had to downsize. Flicka, a fabulous sanctuary in Cornwall were going to take them but asked if we could, as the long journey at their age and in such poor condition would not be good for them. Of course, we said yes!

We knew that the paddock Duchesse and Princesse were in was big enough as was the shelter. We also managed to find a home for two other needy donkeys at the same time, making the ardous trip all the way down South well worth it! Five donkeys were saved from the meat man. Five donkeys in 5* homes, what could be better? Alas, our Beatrice arrived in a very sorry state. Like Duchesse and Princesse, she had lice and was very thin. She also has a skin condition, but with all the HeeHaws care, love, lotions, and potions lavished on her, she soon looked as amazing as her field mates Duchesse and Princesse!  Our lovely, very woolly Beatrice, aged 40 something is quite the character and a firm favourite with everyone that meets her.

Beatrice is a part Baudet de Poitou so she doesn’t shed her coat like the other donkeys and still needs regular treatment for her sweet itch. Because of her age, she doesn’t have many teeth so she has 2 good meals per day to supplement her grazing ❤️


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