Meet Sandra

sandra circle

Hi, I am Sandra and I am the website coordinator and stationery designer at HeeHaws.

My husband Kevin and I took early retirement to relocate to France in 2019. I must say it was the best thing we have ever done and wish we had made the move years ago! However, learning the language, well, it’s a ‘work in progress’.

I absolutely love animals and moving here has not only benefitted us, it has enhanced the quality of life for our dogs. We have 2.5 acres and have since rescued and given a home to 2 donkeys, 6 cats and a bunny. The poor dogs were not too amused with the cats at first, but they now muddle along together and are often found in the same bed – ours!! Bunny does not get left out, she is friendly with the dogs and cats and is often greeted with a thorough face licking!

The first I heard of HeeHaws was on a Facebook post, I sent an email, which was answered enthusiastically, with an invite to visit. After meeting all the donkeys, I knew I wanted to become involved with these beautiful animals.

As well as working on the fundraising projects, I also enjoy volunteering 2 days a week, sometimes 5, picking up poo, feeding and, the best bit of all, brushing the donkeys, which they love, as well as a few cheeky cuddles.

HeeHaws still need funds to pay for hay, food, vet’s bills, farriers and also to rescue other neglected or abused donkeys. So please donate whatever you can, even the smallest amount makes a difference.