Meet Rodney


Umm, hello. My name is Rodney and I understand you want to know a bit about me. Is that right? Really? Me? Are you sure? You are…

….ok, So I’m Rodney. I have been part of this wonderful HeeHaws family since May 2018, when a friend of a friend saw that I was all alone in field, in a right state and desperately needed help. I am not one for making a fuss about things, but I have to say that was a great day in my life. My old owner willingly signed me over to HeeHaws and I was official. To be honest with you, I’d had a pretty awful time of it. I was all alone in a field, which was littered with barbed wire, broken glass and all kinds of dangers for donkeys and humans alike. It was scary.I also was sometimes wrestled to the floor by big, frightening men and had my hooves literally hacked at with a saw! My hooves were very long, but it didnt stop me running away from people! I was traumatised and terrified but Gareth has helped me so much to overcome my fear of having a pedicure.

My HeeHaws friends were all so kind and patient with me. They visited me so much, gave me care and helped me to learn to trust humans again. I was overwhelmed by their protection, understanding and all-round love. I have a pretty good HeeHaw on me and I often use it to show my deep appreciation.

It took a lot of hard work to help me to feel safe enough to be moved, but eventually I went to a temporary pad with Jonathon and Shona, I had to go there as I needed a l’il op (gelding) before I could go home but I loved it there as Ginger biscuits just seem to drop into my mouth. 

Well I have been “home” here at HeeHaws for a few years now, I actually like to share it with my friend William, we are best buddies. I dont like to share his friendship though, I had never had a friend before and he likes me to tell him what to do…well I think he does… I am super friendly now and all our visitors love to cuddle me and give me a scratch. I love my home.

Things I like are:

Being loved

Ginger biscuits

My bestest buddy William

Standing close to my HeeHaws friends when they are chatting

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