Meet Rigalo

Hello, my name is Rigalo and I am a BIG boy of 14 years old. I have been living with Carina since 2008 and have been loved, cuddled and looked after with such care.

I came to Carina’s with my old buddy Picasso because my owners were returning to the UK and couldn’t take us with them. That was sad, for all of us, but it turned out great in the end. Due to a lack of donkey knowledge we had worms and lice, so needed a lot of treatment and care from the Vet and Carina. But we got there and now look at me; healthy, strong, funny and a riiiight handsome fella.

Sadly Picasso passed away, but I have some great pals and an ever-growing family to play with. We all keep each other company and as I have been here the longest, I am the wise one…or so they think. I am, in fact, a complete joker and comedian, just like my name suggests.

Things I like are:


Eating yummy hay

Dancing in the sun

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