Holly and Caspar

Hi, I'm Caspar and I'm a very lucky boy! Well that's what everyone says and I have to agree with them, because, before we arrived at HeeHaws
we weren't very well at all.

Like Cracker and Angel, my cousin and auntie, we were owned by a not very nice man, who wanted us to grow big and strong, so we would make lots of sausages for humans to eat. Then he got very ill and did not look after us. A local refuge bargained with him and took all his animals to their sanctuary. There were lots of us, including goats and pigs. Sadly they did not have the facilities to look after us all, so HeeHaws stepped in and took me, Cracker and our mummies.

It was like arriving in heaven, grass, hay, warm bed and most importantly, lots of love and attention. My mummy, Holly, was very thin and very scared and to be honest she is still a bit shy, but the ladies here are very patient and kind and slowly but surely, she is learning that they just want to look after her. Her tummy then started to grow, I thought she had been eating too much of the lovely grass and hay, but the ladies said she was pregnant and I would have a new brother or sister (yuk). Cracker and I became really good friends and were given our very own paddock to play and eat in. Then a couple of months ago a lovely lady and man (Sarah and Rob) visited heeHaws, they gave us ginger biscuits and lots of cuddles, they oohd and aaahd a lot and asked if they could take us home. After HeeHaws checked out their place we left to start our new adventure at our very own forever home...we are so happy! Mummy is staying at HeeHaws for now to have her baby.

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