Little Mabel arrived here on the 7th of June 2021 with her friend Maggie (we are not sure if they’re related) and 2 others, Betty and Florence. All were headed for the meat lorry. That just doesn’t bear thinking about.

Mabel was only 5 at the time and such a quiet sweet soul. It turns out that with a bit of love, good food, and freedom she’s actually very playful and mischievous. She loves Maggie and also loves to be brushed. She’s been known on more than one occasion to pull Gareth’s hat off his head and play with it! She is very cheeky but lovely with it!

Betty and Florence found a lovely forever home locally in 2022 and thankfully Mabel has also fallen on her dinky feet as she and Maggie are going to live with our Sandra and Kevin in the next few months ….perfect! ❤️

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