Blossom arrived here in August 2022 with her 4 and-1/2-month-old foal, Harley. Blossom was one of a herd of 5, living in a state of general neglect. The original owner had left her partner and for over a year he hadn’t taken care of them. The fencing where they were had come down and 3 of them frequently left the paddock searching for food. Blossom stayed in the field, keeping her baby safe. We were involved in the safeguarding and capture of the other 3, which took many weeks, but as soon as we found out about Blossom and Harley, and after they were signed over to us, we brought her here, to a place of safety.

We later found out she was aged 16. She’s had 5 foals, Basil aged 10, and Violet aged 3 (2 of the 3 that escaped), and somewhere along the line 2 others that were stillborn 😢

She was very thin when she arrived and her hooves were very overgrown and misshapen.

Blossom has now given birth to litteGareth sorted her hooves out in no time and she’s getting regular meals and plenty of hay. She needs all the sustenance she can get, as it appears that Wallace, the daddy of Harley, and the third wanderer, impregnated Blossom, shortly after Harley was born.

No more foals after this, poor Blossom deserves a break. She’s such a lovely gentle giant of a donkey, so sweet-natured. Her foal is due sometime between April and June so keep checking in here or on our Facebook page for updates!

Blossom gave birth to little Rupert on 7th July ❤️

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