Meet Carina


Hello, my name is Carina. My official title is “Madame la Presidente”, which is way too fancy for my liking, but I can’t find a suitable translation. Suffice to say, I ‘run’ HeehHaws and am tickled pink to do so.

Since I was a kid I’ve loved animals and have had a deep and profound need to help them. I have stopped by the kerb, in the City of London to pick up a bedraggled and soggy kitten and have helped nurse many poorly animals back to health, as well as rescuing and keeping a cornucopia of beautiful and loved animals in my home.

Starting a Donkey Sanctuary has been a glimmer of a shimmer in my mind for a long time. It became more of a sparkling possibility when I moved to France with my family in 2004. However it remained tucked away whilst I went about rescuing and caring for many animals over the years.

Shortly after I moved to France I helped a friend with her two horses, which resulted in me nursing and caring for them through ill-health until the passed aged 33 and 37. About this time I took in Rigalo and Picasso and then fostered an extremely poorly donkey, Mambo, for a charity who were in need of help.

Along the way, I’ve personally rescued over 30 cats, hand-reared tiny kittens and helped to home numerous cats. Let’s not forget the 6 dogs who have found their forever home with me and my family.

I have always loved donkeys: their beauty, gentle and funny natures, along with their affectionate and loving characters. They are extraordinary animals.

My heart aches that there are so many neglected and abused donkeys. It’s cruel and I cannot stand that it happens so often. I don’t understand it and I will not tolerate abuse and neglect of another living creature.

Time moves forward and more donkeys make their way to me, they have their forever home with me. The glimmer of a shimmer of starting a sanctuary myself starts to get brighter.

Late 2017, we met William who was in an awful state and the wheels were firmly set in motion to rescue him and bring him home to us. After that, shimmer was so bright I could no longer ignore it.
I talked about it with family and friends, who were all incredibly supportive and encouraged me that I could actually make this dream and reality…so HeeHaws was born.

February 2018 is the official birthday of HeeHaws and since then we have been busy helping, caring for and rescuing donkeys.

This is a dream come true for me and I am determined to make HeeHaws everything it can be.

Please support HeeHaws in any way you can.