Rigalo and William

We (almost) have a shiny, sparkly, fabulous new shelter for our donkeys. Look how beautiful and abri-esque it is.

It has taken a lot of hard work by two wonderful volunteers, Greg Dunstan and Paul Longmuir, from Le Petit Auberge in Razac.
Thank you so much Greg and Paul, we literally couldn’t have done this without you both.

So here it is, our summer shelter for Rigalo and William. We can’t wait to get them here and watch them bond, play and become firm friends. We need to do a little more clearing of the paddock before they can settle into their ‘summer home’. Watch this space….

It’s a summer shelter and paddock because the paddock gets boggy and therefore unsuitable for the wet weather….of which we’ve had a fair bit, right? This could be remedied by installing a drainage system, but this would take funds we don’t have right now so can’t be a priority.
The main thing is that it’ll give our donkeys somewhere to shelter from the sun and rain…remember, donkeys are not waterproof!

By moving Rigalo and William into this paddock and sparkly shelter, we are able to give other paddocks time to rest and for the grass to replenish itself ready for the winter months.

We are also hoping that upcoming fundraising events will generate enough funds for us to start to put hard-standing in the other shelters and paddocks we have. This will take about 1000€ to get the hardcore, concrete and labour to get this done.

There is much work to be done and all of this takes time, money and your help. Keep checking our page to see what’s going on and to see if you’re able to help us. We truly appreciate everything you can offer…as do our lovely, HeeHawing donkeys??

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