Meet William

Hi! I am William and I am completely and utterly adorable.

The End.

What? You want to know more about me? Ok, I can do that. It’s a fairly long story, you might want to grab a cuppa (or glass of wine, anything goes here) and settle down to read about adorable me. Hang on! Please may I have a Ginger Nut biscuit? Us donkeys love them and we are allowed a couple every now and then. This seems like a good time to partake in a treat. Thank you kindly.

Ready? Let’s go…

I have a very sad start to my story but it gets sooo much better, so please don’t be sad when you read this. Uh-oh. That’s a “spoiler” I hear the human people talk about isn’t it? Sorry.

I didn’t have a very good beginning in life, in fact it was desperate.

I wasn’t cared for in any way, I wasn’t fed or watered properly (if at all) which meant I was so skinny you could count my ribs, I had a disgusting and rampant case of worms, I was often tied-up with a horribly short rope, I was often left in the rain, I was depressed and I wasn’t loved. It was a terrible existence and I was very, very sad.

It was at a Farmer’s Market one chilly and rainy October where Carina and her friends saw me. The shock they experienced was palpable and many tears were shed at the state of me. I even heard Carina say that she had never seen such a neglected donkey in her whole life.

They didn’t need much persuading from each other to rescue me and with the wonderful help and support from amazing family and friends, I came to what is my forever home… and was the final burst of inspiration Carina needed to set up HeeHaws – for the love of donkeys, the donkey sanctuary you are now reading all about.

Truth be told, I hadn’t really experienced a kind word or touch in my life. Lovings and fussings, decent, regular meals, shelter, cuddles, grooming, pedicures and company all took a fair bit of getting used to and was overwhelming to begin with, but we got there. I had to learn to trust humans and to know that they wouldn’t hurt me.

It is important that you know these things because I am not the only donkey who experiences horror, neglect and abuse from their owners, which is why the work that HeeHaws does is vital for me and donkeys everywhere.

Ok, off my high-donkey and back to my story….

Learning to freely run around, buck, kick and have fun was an amazing experience and beyond my wildest dreams. It is a joyous thing to do and I heartily recommend it to you all, even if you only have two legs.

I have recently been castrated, which isn’t as bad you’d think, so now I am allowed to have company in my paddock and shelter. This is fab and I love having donkey friends so close to me.

I do have a few behavioural issues that I need some help with. Helen the Amazing Trainer is coming over to help me with this and we are getting there… slowly, but surely.

Y’know, I don’t like to think about what might have happened if Carina and her friends had not seen me that day, so I think about how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my world to care for me in such a tremendous way.

It hasn’t been easy, or cheap, to give me all the care I need, so please feel free to click the donate button to assist with the costs of looking after me and my donkey friends. Every single Euro helps.

So that’s basically me. I was right, wasn’t I? I *am* adorable.

Things I like:

Being cuddled

Being warm and dry

Having pals to play with

Yummy food


Being sponsored by supporters of HeeHaws

I am clearly the most adorable and the bestest donkey EVER, so please sponsor me. I shall do an extra-cute pose for the camera if you do.

If you did want to sponsor me, you can follow our sponsor a donkey link and fill in the form. You can also donate using the button below.