Meet Wendy


It is our great privilege to introduce to you one of our Super Volunteers, Wendy.

Wendy has been helping us in immeasurable ways almost since the start of HeeHaws. She is brilliant and we would be lost without her. 

There is no task too big, or small, for Wendy. She will roll her sleeves up and get stuck in to anything without a murmur and with a great deal of strength and enthusiasm.

From mucking-out, to grooming the donkeys, to helping with the washing up after a fundraising event and everything in between, Wendy is there to help us.

What Wendy may lack in knowledge and experience, she certainly makes up for with eagerness, willingness and efficiency.

It is obvious that Wendy loves donkeys and it appears they love her in return…Rodney will happily follow her around his paddock, which is a beautiful thing to see.

Wendy has lived in France since 2011, has two dogs, a very kind heart, a smart and quick sense of humour that leaves us giggling like good ‘uns and an absolute desire to help HeeHaws in any way that she can.

Thank you, Wendy. You are officially donkeytastic!

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