Saved from the meat man

Our newly rescued donkeys : Lottie, Norman, Hector & Wilfred

Before our help

All four of these donkeys were with the meat man in Normandy destined to be sent to Italy for meat unless they were saved, they would have died before they’d even had a chance to live!

We have two young males, only fifteen months old. They hadn’t even been given a chance! Then we have a three year old gelded male, yes he is gelded, somebody cared enough to have this done, paid the vets fee, which is not cheap, then sold him on for meat, it beggars belief! Lastly and most unbelievable is a three year pregnant female, yes she’s pregnant! Her baby would have been killed before it was even born but thanks to all the support and donations from all over the world, they are safe.


Normally we would not become involved, we know that we can’t save them all and we were created originally to save donkeys from neglect, abandonment or cruelty but when you hear their stories I’m sure you will agree that they deserved our help!

A new start

Their journey didn’t go without problems. Firstly their departure was delayed due to the violent storms in northern France so we knew they would arrive after dark. Not ideal, but we set up an arc light so we could, at least, see the entrance to the paddock.
Then the driver was lost, close but lost! Not only that but he had somehow ended up in someone’s yard at the end of a long narrow lane and was unable to turn the rig around!
We won’t go into too many details because it’s a LONG story but wet, muddy banks, a narrow lane and a small bridge made for a nail-biting hour or so.
One of Carina’s neighbours came to the rescue. He generously, and without as much as a sigh, helped us track the driver down, manually uncouple and turn the trailer…BY HAND, with the assistance of the driver…and used his own vehicle to tow the donkeys to us here.
So at last the donkeys were unloaded, a bit wobbly, but safe and today is the first day of their new lives.

These really are four happy and contented donkeys grazing here at HeeHaws!

About HeeHaws

We are a fairly new registered charity, whose main aim is to help, rescue and care for abused and neglected donkeys.

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