Norman and Hector

Hi! We are Hector and Norman, or Norman and Hector…it doesn’t matter which order you use – we don’t mind. We are closely bonded and cannot be separated from each other without causing huge anxiety, which isn’t worth it. We came together and shall stay together. Oh, how that makes us heeeehaaaaaw in delight.

We came to HeeHaws in February 2019 via the Pegasus Sanctuary. To be brutally honest we had a close-call from the “meat man”. We arrived with our friends Lottie and Wilfred but we stayed with each other all the time, maybe because we are younger at age 2 1/2 ish. We were very thin and hungry and scared of people but the gals at Heehaws spent a lot of time helping us in every way.

We had only been here a few weeks when some visitors came by, they wanted to adopt a couple of donkeys and guess what, they chose us…..goodness. Norman says its because they fell in love with his floppy ears, They are funny and look like little radars. Anyway, after spending the summer here being taught how to be sensible haha we got on a big trailer and left for our forever home…….

Last week HeeHaws received this…

Hello everyone, Hector & Norman here, bet you didn’t know donkeys are a dab hoof on an iPad did you??!!

We have been with our new family a whole year now, Mummy says we have been her salvation (Hector that’s not what she said when you escaped during lockdown now is it????!!!!!).

We are properly enjoying our new home but feel Mummy could be a bit more generous with the ginger biscuits, perhaps you can drop her a hint Auntie Carina?

We weren’t too sure at first about our family but Mummy wasn’t too sure of us either, it’s not like that now and we allow her to have stupid kisses and cuddles and even put these weird masks on us in the summer.

We have a lovely paddock to eat and play in – we love to play together. Daddy is building us a new home this year but we like our barn and like even more to chase the chickens out.

We are two very lucky and happy boys to have been rescued by Heehaws and found a lovely home.

Mummy says to say thank you, and we have been the silver lining on a dark cloud that passed over her life last year.

Thank you Heehaws 🥰🥰🥰🥰

How lucky are we?