Norman and Hector

Hi! We are Hector and Norman, or Norman and Hector…it doesn’t matter which order you use – we don’t mind. We are closely bonded and cannot be separated from each other without causing huge anxiety, which isn’t worth it. We came together and shall stay together. Oh, how that makes us heeeehaaaaaw in delight.

You would like to know how old we are? Ok, that’s fair. Hector is 3 and Norman is 2½. In the donkey (and horse) world, this means that we are still officially babies, but we think we think we are pretty grown-up. Sure we have some maturing to do, but as long as we have fun and cuddles, we are ok with that.

We came to HeeHaws in February 2019 via the Pegasus Sanctuary. To be brutally honest we had a close-call from the “meat man”. Suffice to say that with the help and support received we are safely at HeeHaws and not anywhere else.

Eventually we shall be off to our Forever Home with Jane and Daren. We are looking forward to that very much and know we are safe and cared for here until that can happen.

We have had a rough time of things, which means we are scared and don’t like vets and farriers very much. We are getting there though and with some intensive training we will make it! That being said, we have had our feet done and cuddles are something we are learning to love every day. It’s pretty good that we are lucky enough to be cuddled lots.

Our journey to HeeHaws was upsetting for us, which means we also need some guidance to help us feel safe enough to get back into a trailer. Again, we will manage it, but it will take time and patience – which is abundance here at HeeHaws.

How lucky are we?

Things we like:

Being bestest chums


Knowing we will have a Forever Home soon enough

Napping in the sunshine


P.S. check out Norman’s ears….floppy flabulous.

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