New foal Rupert


On the 7th July, after a 40 minute labour and quite a bit of a struggle, we helped Blossom deliver her beautiful foal. We later named him Rupert. We would normally leave the mums to it as they generally don’t have a problem but one of Rupert’s legs was stuck and Blossom was struggling. We had already called our vet Melanie who was en route, but Blossom had already reached the maximum labour time that is deemed safe so we leapt into action. Danielle acted as midwife and helped him out then I cleared his airways. We then stood back and left them to it. Such a special time, witnessed by Aileen and Lou, 2 of our volunteers. By the time Melanie arrived we had helped deliver Rupert, a large healthy beautiful colt foal. Blossom’s last baby. We are all smitten. Rupert is a big boy and the chances are he’ll be bigger than his sister Harley and possibly 1/2 brother Basil. Whilst daddy Wallace (now castrated) is very stocky he’s not that tall. The babies seem to get their height from Blossom! See below some photos taken at this special delivery. Check out our Facebook page for updates or you can check in here!


You can sponsor little Rupert for just €35 per year. To do this please click here

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