Meet Billy and Teddy

First week in January, we were contacted by a FB friend of Carinas that reached out for help with 2 donkeys caught in tragic circumstances.
A friend of hers, the donkeys owners’ house burnt down in November, the owner also has cancer and is on oxygen. The donkeys shelter looked like the roof could fall in any minute. Although friends and neighbours had rallied round and were feeding and watering, this was becoming increasingly difficult for numerous reasons.
Thankfully the owner took financial responsibility for her donkeys and agreed to sign them over to us so they could be microchipped, vaccinated, feet trimmed (Billy doesn’t like them being touched but we know our Gareth will soon sort that out) worming and feed. After some negotiations and organisation a local to them transporter was organised and they arrived here with us this morning.
They will be here for quite some time and we are sure you will enjoy watching their progress and adventures. Billy is the larger of the 2 and Teddy looks as cuddly as.
BILL and TEDS Excellent Adventure starts today!

About HeeHaws

We are a fairly new registered charity, whose main aim is to help, rescue and care for abused and neglected donkeys.

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