Meet Lottie & Wilfred

Wilfred and Lottie

We came to HeeHaws with our mates Norman and Hector, in February 2019. Like Hector and Norman we had a very close call with the “meat man”. A scary time, that’s for sure. We don’t like to talk about it, which we are sure you realise and accept.

Our similarities with Norman and Hector are many; though we don’t know how old we are yet, we are most definitely a bonded-pair and cannot be separated. That’s not a problem at HeeHaws as they understand the importance of it. That’s cool, huh?

Although we are a bonded-pair and do many things together, we do have our unique voices and experiences. We are going to take it in turns to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

Hey, Wilfred here. How are you all doing? I have to say that I am loving living here at HeeHaws. It is quiet and it is safe, plus Carina and her donkeytastic team of helpers and volunteers are amazing and incredibly patient with me. Y’see, I have had a traumatic time of things and I get scared really easily of the farrier. I didn’t like to be brushed and Gareth, the farrier, still really does frighten me. But they are all so kind to me and eventually in mid-May I was able to get my feet trimmed, which was great as my hooves were far too long. Slow and steady, that’s the way to go with me…and HeeHaws are most certainly showing how much they care in that respect – and every other respect, to be honest with you.

Hello, this is Lottie. What are you up to? Sponsoring a HeeHaws donkey? Aren’t you a love? Thank you.
Ok, ok, I know you all want to know if I am pregnant. To be honest, so do I! Rest assured I will let you all now when I know. I haven’t come into Season, so it looks like I might be, but we don’t know for sure. If only it was as easy as peeing on a stick.
It is taking me time to settle here, but I am getting there. Sometimes things get too overwhelming for me, so I back off and keep quiet for a while. I am learning that I have no need to be afraid of things, but it is taking time. I am ok with that and so are HeeHaws.
I got my feet done before Wilfred got his feet done…go me! It was unsettling for me, so I needed some space afterwards; I had to try to remember that I am safe here; and that I can trust everyone who I come into contact with.
When I got here, I really wanted to be hugged, but I was so afraid of it. You should see me now…I am *all* about the hugs.

So, this is us. We need a lot of time, patience, gentleness, calm and love – which we are getting in abundance. Bear with us and it’ll be worth it. We promise.

The aim is to adopt us out to our Forever Home. We aren’t sure when this might happen yet…there is the small matter of pregnant or not pregnant and a few other things, but when that is all sorted we shall be looking for somewhere to live. Don’t worry though, HeeHaws will be taking care of us until that happens. Watch this space….

Things we like are:
Being safe
People being kind and gentle with us
Ginger Nuts – name me a donkey who doesn’t, to be fair!
Knowing we have a home here at HeeHaws