Meet Lottie, Wilfred & Theo

We came to HeeHaws with our mates Norman and Hector, in February 2019. Like Hector and Norman we had a very close call with the “meat man”. A scary time, that’s for sure. We don’t like to talk about it, which we are sure you realise and accept.

Although we are a bonded-pair and do many things together, we do have our unique voices and experiences. We are going to take it in turns to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

Hey, Wilfred here. How are you all doing? I have to say that I am loving living here at HeeHaws. It is quiet and it is safe, plus Carina and her donkeytastic team of helpers and volunteers are amazing and incredibly patient with me. Y’see, I had a traumatic time of things and got really scared of the farrier. I didn’t like anyone to touch my legs and feet. Gareth spent a long time getting to know me and taught me quite quickly that he wasnt going to hurt me that eventually in mid-May I was able to get my feet trimmed, which was great as my hooves were far too long. Slow and steady, that’s the way to go with me…and HeeHaws are most certainly showing how much they care in that respect – and every other respect, to be honest with you. I even like being brushed now, in fact I love it!

Hello, this is Lottie. What are you up to? Sponsoring a HeeHaws donkey? Aren’t you a love? Thank you.
It took me time to settle here,  sometimes things got too overwhelming for me and although I was hungry I was too afraid of feed buckets as they brought back terrible memories. 
I got my feet done before Wilfred got his feet done though…go me! It was unsettling for me, so I needed some space afterwards; I had to try to remember that I am safe here; and that I can trust everyone who I come into contact with.
When I got here, I really wanted to be hugged, but I was so afraid of it. You should see me now…I am *all* about the hugs.

This was nearly our story, but a little question of being in foal needs mentioning. I was pregnant when I arrived but only just. It had been mentioned before I got here but I then kept everyone waiting and wondering when I would give birth. Gosh my tummy grew, and grew and grew. Then, very early one chilly morning in February, my beautiful little foal was born. Everyone was so excited. They call him Theo. He’s grown very quickly and is a gentle and loving boy.

The aim is to adopt us out to our Forever Home one day. We aren’t sure when this might happen yet… Don’t worry though, HeeHaws will be taking care of us until that happens. Watch this space….

Things we like are:

Yummy food
Ginger Nuts – name me a donkey who doesn’t, to be fair!
Knowing we are safe here at HeeHaws