Meet Helen


Meet Helen, our fabulous trainer. Helen has been working with horses and donkeys for around 35 years and with our donkeys for over 10 years. An invaluable member of the HeeHaws team. Some of our donkeys have been terribly neglected and have issues that range from being terrified of being touched to wearing a head collar,  to going into a trailer or being led to another field. All these issues get sorted with Helens approach. Which to quote Helen “slow is fast” is how it works. Nothing gets rushed, everything has to be done at the animals speed, rushing causes more anxiety. Slow is fast is how it’s done and the most shut down animals, like William for instance, learns that not all humans are cruel and going to hurt him.

Helen can load the most anxious equine, like Hannah for instance, 2, 4 hour failed attempts to load her, the first one being with her friend already in the trailer, couldn’t get her on and eventually, her owner called a halt as Hannah was getting very distressed. Helen got Hannah walking on and off the trailer in comfort within 45 minutes. She is amazing and we are so grateful to have her as part of our team. Helen also trains us humans and is working tirelessly in Bosnia, training the beautiful Lipitzaner horses and grooms at the national stud. They are learning the right way to do things….with amazing results!