Meet Dudley and Dolly

Hello, I am Dudley and this is Dolly, my daughter. I am a proud Papa and Dolly is a wonderful donkey daughter of 7 years…where does the time go, ‘ey? One minute they’re tiny and need to be looked after 24/7, then they start to become independent with their own donkey personality. 

Dolly will always be my baby though, no matter how much that embarrasses her.

Oops. I went off on a Proud Papa tangent there. Apologies. I just can’t help m’self.

So you want to know a little about us, right? Ok, here goes….

I am 27 years old and as I say, Dolly is 7. We came to Carina’s in 2016 after our owner became very unwell with dementia. It was so sad to leave, but it had to happen as they were unable to give us the care we needed. Sometimes we weren’t fed and our coats and feet were neglected. It wasn’t intentional by any stretch of the imagination, just incredibly sad and had to change.

The humans got together to talk about us and with the help of the human-Facebook thing, Carina heard about us (with her weirdly small and non-fluffy ears – have you seen them? Honestly, they are SO SMALL!) and came to our rescue.

I wont lie to you, we were scared to begin with and it took a few weeks to settle down, but with the love, care, good food and ear-scratching we are right at home now. We don’t even kick up a fuss when our tootsies are trimmed by Gareth anymore… did you like my pun there? It’s not just Rigalo who can tell jokes.

Things we like:

Ear-scratching – we really love this…it makes our lips quiver

Peace and quiet

Having an abri to shelter in when it rains (don’t forget, we aren’t waterproof)

People taking our photo

If you would like to sponsor me or Dolly (or both of us) please complete the sponsor a donkey link and fill in the form. You can also donate using the button below.