Meet Duchesse & Princesse

Duchesse and Princesse

Well hello donkey friends, we are Duchesse and Princesse. Some might say we are Grand Ole Dames, which seems fair to us. We are sisters of a modest 35 years old (ish) … and aren’t we just adorable?

We came to HeeHaws in April 2019 all the way from Normandy! Can you imagine? That’s about 600ish kilometres, or 375ish miles in old money. It was a difficult journey, but we made it and, oh my, are we glad that we did.

Another donkey sanctuary in the UK called Flicka asked if HeeHaws could take us and save us from a terrible end. Flicka were kind enough to fund the transport and facilitate the travel arrangements. Fabulous Flicka, is how we think of them.

We have been loved before in our lives. Up until 2012 we had a lovely life, but after that it became a little dark and suffice to say we deteriorated to quite a desperate state. We were emaciated, had lice and had been gnawing away at concrete and wood to the point our teeth had pretty much worn away. We were sad, hungry and in need of a lot of love and care.

Now we are in our Forever Home here at HeeHaws and are tickled pink. We are being loved, fed three meals a day, have excellent shelter from the rain and sun, are seeing the vet and farrier regularly and are safe. We also get lots of lovely brushing from lots of lovely people. Lucky Gals, that’s what we are! Who knew retirement could be so amazing?

We are so grateful for the epic rescue mission that was undertaken to ensure our safety. It’d be wonderful if you could sponsor one, or both, of us to help with the costs. We promise to be good girls and not be cheeky to anyone…ok, maybe only once a week…ok, maybe only once a day.

Things we like are:
Being brushed
Having super cute wobbly lips – they make people giggle and we love to hear people giggle
Two nutritious meals a day
Being cuddled.

If you would like to sponsor us click here